* Pedagogy

Jun 2008

Anti-Normalizer is a location-based mobile phone game written in J2Me that acts as a mechanism for expanding the range of ‘appropriate’ social activities.

Jan 2008

Design for Development: Developing Technologies for Developing Economies was an experimental UCSD course taught remotely from India, via Skype. 20 students from multiple disciplines explored the effects of technology on large-scale social change by generating numerous case studies and several prototypes. Students interacted remotely with guest lecturers from around the world; these included researchers for the World Bank and designers from Microsoft Research, India.

Jun 2007

How does the design of an architectural space affect social dynamics? Can art stimulate social engagement and social movement? In this project-oriented Action Research course, 20 students worked collaboratively to plan, produce and document architectural interventions designed to induce observable social change. This production-seminar was grounded in a literature drawing from art, architecture, cognitive science, sociology, and urban planning. This CAT 124 course was the recipient of a $5000 Open Classroom Challenge Grant from the UCIRA.

Jun 2007

From the mechanically regular grids of UCSD’s Eucalyptus trees, a soft translucent structure spirals into an set of 25 rooms and passageways. The material construction of the Labyrinth enables it to act as a student-operated gallery, performance theater, and informal social space.