* Exhibition

Aug 2008

Comparative Graffiti Study, San Jose is an urban architectural intervention that enabled a controlled study of the production of graffiti across four neighborhoods in central San Jose.

Apr 2008

Neuroethology explores the role of empathy in information visualization by combining EEG recordings of a Myspace user with their on-screen Myspace activity and their off-screen facial expressions. Played side-by-side, Neuroethology takes a critical view of neuro-imaging, by juxtaposing the nearly meaningless EEG data with rich data about a person’s internal cognitive state, which is accessible only through observation and human empathy.

Mar 2007

Identity Construction (Marcuse Gallery, 2007) addresses the structural aesthetics of Myspace.com. While Myspace is considered by many to be an aesthetic nightmare, its formal structure may be largely responsible for generating a wider level of public participation (over 100 million participants) in media creation than any prior venue in history.