Dec 2008

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The Playpower Foundation seeks to improve education around the world by using $12 “TV-Computers” as a platform for radically affordable learning games that can teach skills like math, grammar, typing, critical thinking, computer programming, and more.

A TV-Computer uses a TV as a display, has a full keyboard, mouse, and game controllers, but retails for only US$12.  This price point is possible because the computer is based on a famous 8-bit processor that is now in the public domain, due to expired patents.

Our goal is to produce a suite of 8-bit learning games target at the 130 million households in the emerging middle classes of developing countries.  We are working with educators, cognitive scientists, anthropologists, designers, hackers, programmers, manufacturers and distributors in order to reach 30 million children in the next 5 years through our scientifically developed and radically affordable computer-aided learning games.