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May 2008

The Mobile Camera Tower is an inexpensive, quickly assembled mechanism for recording aerial footage of public spaces. The 40′ high portable tower assists the documentation and analysis of the structure of movement within architectural spaces. Featured at eTech 2007 and Maker Faire 2007.

Apr 2008

Neuroethology explores the role of empathy in information visualization by combining EEG recordings of a Myspace user with their on-screen Myspace activity and their off-screen facial expressions. Played side-by-side, Neuroethology takes a critical view of neuro-imaging, by juxtaposing the nearly meaningless EEG data with rich data about a person’s internal cognitive state, which is accessible only through observation and human empathy.

Jun 2007

From the mechanically regular grids of UCSD’s Eucalyptus trees, a soft translucent structure spirals into an set of 25 rooms and passageways. The material construction of the Labyrinth enables it to act as a student-operated gallery, performance theater, and informal social space.

Apr 2007

This is a MAX-MSP video technique for showing a time accelerated view of the recent past, so a participant can see themselves in the context of continually changing social structures. The camera records 10 minutes, then plays the footage back in just 1 minute. Then it continues, rolling forward in time, always showing a crowd’s movements at 10x speed.

Mar 2007

Biomemetics is an interactive animated visualization of the exchange of media and the structure of popularity within the largest online social network, Myspace.com. This interactive visualization supports large-scale social research by enabling online ethnographers to visually identify social structures and observe the distribution of media. Artistically, Biomemetics seeks to represent large-scale online social activity as a biological process, generating an abstracted portrayal of the human social “super-organism”.

Jun 2006

A highly rigorous analysis of the construction of social networks and the patterns of attentional flow within naturalistic party environments.

Apr 2006

Using an 8 foot diameter red weather balloon, crowd structures at San Diego immigration rallies were analyzed and aestheticized.